When Erik Swartz bought his first guitar and sat down for his first “official” lesson, he was asked why he wanted to learn to play.  “To make people smile and dance,” he said.  The instructor grinned and said “let’s get to work, then.”

Erik has been fortunate to have had many opportunities throughout the years to accomplish his goal, and is thrilled to keep trying.  The Folly Beach, South Carolina singer-songwriter has enjoyed performing 100+ solo shows a year for the last few years, after spending several years as part of a Colorado-based touring five-piece. 2o17 brings more smiling and dancing on the solo front, along with plans for collaboration with some of the many wonderful fellow musicians around the Lowcountry.

While the primary influence of his time in Colorado came from the jam genre (Grateful Dead, Phish, Blues Traveler, Disco Biscuits, Galactic), the solo performing experience has opened other genres and formats for Erik, which has led to a vast array of covers spanning nearly nine decades. This renewed appreciation has also sparked a rejuvenated set of old and new original material.

For Erik, playing solo has allowed the live sets to dance between more traditional singer-songwriter material and loop station assisted improvisational jams. From traditional songs, well-known and obscure covers, and well crafted originals, Erik has a bit of something to entertain in every setting.